Innovation solutionsThe Design Process by Jordanhill School

Identification and integration of engineering innovation solutions in order to ensure their customers could use the most efficient and competitive one in each moment.

Concept and design

Generation and analysis of concepts, study of their stability and variability, and detailed definition of design and specifications.


Definition and preparation of product development prototypes.


Specification’s definition and performing testing programs for the selection of product specifications, design verification and / or validation of the product.


Support for the industrialization of the product by defining the significant characteristics of systems and components, and control plans.

Reverse Engineering

Advising to improve products, materials and components and / or existing processes.

Project Management

Project management with complete follow-up processes.

Project Support 

Support for client participation in international research and development projects at European and intercontinental level, etc.


Providing circumstantial service support and reinforcing the clients technical department, providing them resident engineers or specific hiring.

Services according to the Phase of the Project 

1. Product Design Related Activities:

Product Concept Phase

  • Creativity Tools
  • Value Engineering
  • Common understanding of process and performance related key characteristics.
  • Concept Analysis and Selection
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plan.

System, Sub-System and Components definition

  • Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) process – Robust Engineering Tools
  • Design for Manufacturing & Assembly
  • Material Selection
  • Production Process Recommendation
  • Predictive Behavior
    • Structural / Thermal / Thermo-Structural Analysis
    • Computational Fluid Dynamic
    • Dynamic Analysis
    • Process Analysis
    • Assembly Analysis
  • Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerances
  • Tolerances Plan & Statistical Prediction
    • Investigation of design limits- extreme conditions analysis
    • Investigation of process limits – extreme conditions analysis
  • 3D Models & Drawings

2. Product Development Related Activities:

System, sub-system and components development and validation plans

  • Individual Tests definition to reduce RPN
  • Individual Test definition on specific conditions to validate Predictive Behavior expectations
  • Interpretation of Market Requirements
  • Interpretation of Customer Specs
  • Setting Test Acceptance Criteria
  • Optimizing Testing Plan – DOE

Testing facilities definition

  • Tools and Rigs Definition to Function
  • Specific Tools & Rigs procurement

System, sub-system and components samples

  • Prototypes Definition to Target
  • Geometrical / Functional Rapid Prototyping
  • Customer Specifications

Concept / Design validation

  • Basic Testing
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Conclusions on Components Results

3. Product Industrialization Related Activities:

Project management

  • Global Product Launch Methodology
  • Six Sigma Methodology (DMAIC)
  • Design for Six Sigma Methodology (IDOV)

Suppliers management

  • Potential Suppliers Evaluation
  • Consistent link from Design FME&A to Process FME&A
  • Supplier Support on Manufacturing Severity
  • Key Characteristics Deployment
  • Consistent link from Process FME&A to Control Plans
  • Control Plans